A Surprise Visitor!

Killdeer Egg

A Killdeer egg in its nest in the center of the community garden.

This morning we were greeted by a worried mother Killdeer protecting her newly formed nest. At first we didn’t notice the nest, as it’s so camoflauged, but the mother bird started calling at us and scampering around all over the garden, trying to lead us away from her nest. She then started to immitate the motions of having a broken wing, attempting to lure us even further from her egg.


A mother Killdeer fakes a broken wing (found on flickr)

Killdeer hens lay eggs four at a time, so I suppose we’ll be on the look out for some new additions to the nest. After that, the eggs take about three to four weeks to hatch, and then another three weeks for the chicks to be developed enought to fly. It looks like we’ve made a new friend for the summer!



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