Marketing Workshop

Last Thursday, we had our 5th work shop at the Adams County Agricultural Center on Marketing.  Carla Snyder (of the Ag Center) led an interesting and participation-based talk on how to successfully sell produce at a Farmer’s Market.

She began by showing a video on how to keep produce fresh after picking and before selling it.  The main things to remember once you pick your produce are to control the air temperature, air ciruclation, light, and moisture for the fruit/veggetable.  Misiting, icing, and keeping produce in a cooler can help keep the produce from wilting.  Crisping the produce in tepid water for 3-5 minutes before putting in a cooler is also a good idea, as well as keeping it out of direct sunlight at the market.

Carla briefly went over the rules of the market and that you must remember to follow regulations (such as having hand sanitizer at your table, looking up the rules of the specific market, and remembering to keep everything clean, including your own hands).

Next, we designed our own sample display cards (aka a sign that says “Fresh, organic broccoli! $3.99/lb” in bright colors), then we analyzed what was good and not so good about each one.  Things to keep in mind are eye-catching signs, dark letters on a light background, indicating the price per unit of measurement, and using logos (like Certified Naturally Grown).

The last part of the class was about how to interact with customers.  Being helpful and answering questions, giving suggestions on how to prepare the item of food they’re buying, giving correct change, and having a BIG PRODUCE DISPLAY and continuously restocking are some important ones.

We had about 8 of our families show up, and I know that Elizabeth, Jasmine, Uyen, and myself found it extremely helpful since we’re going to be selling at the Gettysburg Farmer’s Market on July 13 and July 27! Can’t wait!



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