LIU students pay a visit

A group of eleventh graders came out to the garden yesterday from the LIU Summer Acadamy. On their itinerary was a visit to the food pantry and to the campus kitchen, ending in a stop at Painted Turtle Farm.

After presenting the kids with an array of fresh picked veggies for them to nibble on, Adrienne and I walked them through a simplified lesson on how to build a rainbarrel, how to build and care for a compost pile, as well as giving a brief overview of the different types of raised beds and plants that are in our garden. We then played an interactive game, wherein they placed signs with the names of veggies in the garden, trying to determine what the vegetables look like pre-harvest. Everyone seemed to have a good time! (Though some of the kids were a little less than eager to get their hands dirty while helping with the compost.. haha)

Explaining composting to the students

Explaining composting to the students

A brief rainstorm led to all of the students running for cover into the shed, but in a bit the skies cleared up and we talked about herbs, bugs, and birds, seeing if anyone could identify anything.
Overall it was a truly enjoyable time and Adrienne and I surely enjoyed having the students visit us. They were so enthusiastic.


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