Preparing to Plant A Garden: A Group Effort

Last Friday, we finally left the confines of the greenhouse and did some work out in the garden, and man did it feel good to be outside. With an energetic team made up of employees from the EES division of the college and students from APO (the service fraternity here on campus) we accomplished two seemingly impossible tasks:

Completed Task 1) The family garden plots have been weeded to perfection! Now we just have to spread some mushroom soil inside the beds and lay mulch around them and they’ll be ready to go for planting.



A beautiful mother-daughter duo of gardeners!



Completed Task 2) The mushroom soil has been spread over the entire extended garden area. Now that we’ve added some fertility to the soil, it’s ready to be planted with all sorts of squash, cucumbers, melons, and herbs!

With a bit of help, this GIANT pile of mushroom soil…


…Turned into a few smaller piles of mushroom soil

I was quite pleased

And then before we knew it, all of the mushroom soil was spread, and I was quite pleased!


After all of the hard work was done, we took a quick stop in at the greenhouse to check in on the seedlings; they’re growing beautifully!13538194465_4ac82f998f


Take away of the day: preparing a garden is truly a group effort, and I want to thank all of the people involved in that effort- From the families who started seeds in the greenhouse, to the student volunteers who tirelessly washed seeding flats.  From Kim and Elizabeth who were involved in all sorts of logistical planning, to the campus facilities department for getting us the materials we needed. And of course, to our friends from EES and APO who got the ground ready for planting. With such great support around me, I am certain that this will be Painted Turtle Farm’s most productive season yet!

-Becca, one of many Painted Turtle Farmers





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