Meet your farmers!

Keys have changed hands, seedlings are in the ground, and cut-off shorts have made a rather conspicuous reappearance. That’s right, the Summer 2014 farming season has begun! Taking over for Becca (and following in the footsteps of several wonderful student farmers), are Katie McCrea and the author of this post, Sean Pethybridge. They’re hip, they’re young, they’re casual, and they can’t wait to serve you up a big bag of fresh veggies. Here’s more about them:

Katie is a recent graduate who hails from Fairfield, Connecticut. As a student, she majored in environmental studies, lived in a community-focused theme house, and studied abroad in India. Nowadays, she’s all about bartering, giving meaningful gifts, and preserving heirloom vegetable seeds. Katie also works in the historically accurate Sherfy Garden, which exclusively grows heirloom varieties. Her ravenous appetite for agriculture has led her to intern for local farmers Thom and Judy Marti of Broad Valley Orchard when she is not engaged elsewhere. This summer, she hopes to pick up some Spanish skills and master the weed whacker.

Last Import - 29

Katie, hard at work with a fresh-picked head of tatsoi.

Sean is a rice and beans kind of guy. He is also a member of the Class of 2015, a native of the Garden State, and a history and Italian studies major. His extracurricular involvements include living in Farmhouse, working at the Center for Career Development, and serving as an Italian department peer learning associate. His extra-extracurricular interests are just as varied. Quesadillas are Sean’s bread and butter, and he is likely to be found reading non-fiction or talking about public space when not getting down and dirty in the garden. This summer, he hopes to read a lot, learn even more, and go on a fun field trip or two.

Last Import - 16

Sean, wrestling with the rhubarb.

If you’d like to meet Katie and Sean in the flesh, feel free to stop by the farm. You’re most likely to catch them in the morning, before the afternoon sun, or in the evening, when the frogs begin to sing. They would love to get to know you!

Thank you for reading, and welcome to the Summer 2014 Season.


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