Mystery afoot!

Mysteries abound at Painted Turtle Farm. Katie and I arrived at the farm on Sunday morning to find the grass neatly clipped and the fence devoid of weeds. The cut was perfect­–short grass, straight lines, and not a missed spot in sight. The job far exceeded my technical abilities, so naturally I thought Katie did it. She did, after all, profess her unabashed love of mowing to me during our first week of work.  To my surprise, Katie thought I was behind the cut. So there we stood, equally confused and trying to figure out the identity of the Phantom Mower. We suspect it was one of our family gardeners who has a zeal for lawn work, but we haven’t had the opportunity to ask him. If you’re reading this, Phantom Mower, thank you for so kindly lending a hand!

Of less monumental scale, but of equal intrigue, is the Mystery of the Disappearing Crayfish. While Katie and I were puttering around after the lawn mower mystery, we spotted a rogue, one-clawed crayfish crawling through the grass near the raspberry bushes. (note: we do not think the Phantom Mower is responsible for the missing claw). Those of you who have been to the garden know that the raspberry bushes are pretty far from a source of fresh water, so you can imagine our confusion. Wanting to return the little bugger to a more hospitable environment, we scrambled to find an adequate carrying container, but, in our panic, the crayfish disappeared from sight. Maybe it took refuge in the bushes, maybe it found its way to the fence, or maybe it vanished into thin air. The world may never know.

Unfortunately, not all of the goings-on at Painted Turtle Farm are the stuff of mystery novels. Being inspected to maintain our status as Certified Naturally Grown, while integral to our operation, doesn’t make for an exciting whodunit. Sara from Fulton Farm and one of her summer interns graciously sacrificed some of their valuable time to inspect our land. We spoke about everything from crop rotation to wind barriers, took a short tour, and dug in the dirt to assess the health of our soil. The approximately hour and a half long process ended with some wonderful news: we will remain Certified Naturally Grown during the coming year! Remember that as you chow down on our hand-picked veggies. Thank you for tuning in, and we hope to see you soon!


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