A Successful First Potluck!


The eggplants, tomatoes, squash, and potatoes are growing like weeds in the garden. They love the rain and cool but sunny temperatures. Unfortunately the weeds are growing like, well, weeds too. Sigh. We have been trying to get them away from the plants so that they are not sucking away the much needed nutrients and water from our veggies.

This past week we had our Heston interns join us for the summer. Alyssa and Darren were out at the farm at the break of dawn this past Wednesday to help us with our second harvest. It was cool and enjoyable. We harvested so many green veggies that the joi choy did not fit in the bags. Darren sang pop songs at our request and we listened to the top 50 hits while we worked. Alyssa and Darren said that the time went fast when we were all together. I would have to agree. Many hands make the mornings much more enjoyable.

We also had a good time at our potluck on Monday. Darren and I dodged raindrops as we hurried to the Quarry Pavilion with our watermelon cake. As soon as we were under the pavilion it started to pour, with lighting and thunder to boot. The children squealed with delight as the storm raged on and we enjoyed delicious food and music despite the rain. Taylor Bury played some acoustic covers on guitar and the families sang Mexican karaoke. I particularly enjoyed the Mexican dishes that were prepared by the families. My favorite was the corn with mayonnaise, chili, and lime. This classic dish was popular with everyone who enjoyed the festivities. Students who joined the community gathering were shocked by the spicy vegetables! They told me how much they enjoyed the potluck and one student volunteered to help with the farm. It was a successful event!


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