What is food justice?

Food justice, as defined by Nikki Henderson, the Executive Director of People’s Grocery, is  “… the belief that healthy food is a human right, so everyone has an inherent right to access healthy, fresh food. Access is a mixture between location, affordability, and cultural appropriateness. Food justice is important for everyone because food is culture. Food is your family. Food is part of how we communicate with one another; it’s a way we share our love. Being able to enjoy and prepare food that actually nourishes the body and keeps us healthy is connected to our ability to stay sane as human beings.” The right to food is a complex and controversial topic. Food justice is not just about the present state of our food system but also encompasses the history of food injustice. Slavery is one of the main issues that has spanned throughout the history of food production, and continues today. Food production has never been just. When we create a more sustainable and fair food system we support a network of fair trade, personal health, education, and individual empowerment.


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