Baby Hannah’s First Visit to Painted Turtle Farm

Elizabeth Weller, our farm expert, recently had a baby! Baby Hannah visited the farm late last week. Her eyes were barely open but she smiled most of the time we were out there (a natural!). Seven pound Hannah turned one month old the day she came to visit. As Elizabeth took a look at the farm, Erin was able to spend time holding Hannah and rocking her. Elizabeth was very pleased by the way the farm is coming along! She recommended that we start planning our fall season by ordering new seeds and prepping the hoop house.

With all the rain we have been getting it has been difficult to keep the water out of the hoop house. We will need to investigate ways to keep the mold down and drain the water away from the structure (particularly in the winter). If you have any suggestions please comment on this post! Another difficulty we have been having is an infestation of flea beetles. Despite spraying the plants with a natural beetle deterrent, the beetles are munching on our greens, Joi Choy, and eggplants! One of our farm advisors recommended we try diatomaceous earth. Has this worked for anyone? Do you have advice? Thank you!


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