The Hidden Costs of Food

Have you considered how much energy is used to produce your food? I certainly hadn’t! Here are a few facts about our food:

1.For each pound of beef, a gallon of oil is used.

2.For each pound of steak, twenty-five hundred gallons of water are used.

3.For 10 pounds of healthy grain that is fed to a cow, only one pound of meat is produced.

4.Around the world, an acre of rainforest is chopped down every minute. Millions of grasslands acres are lost each year to feed and graze cattle.

5.Ground water has been poisoned in 17 states due to factory farm run-off. This run-off has polluted 35,000 miles of America’s rivers.

For these reasons, it is better for our environment to eat vegetables and fruits, particularly those that are grown on farms that use sustainable farming practices (like ours!).

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