Community Support

FullSizeRenderThis past week has been very difficult because of the passing of one of our beloved community members. Through this difficult time it the farm has been particularly important as a haven for community support and love. The children have been particularly special to the farm. Their bright spirits light up the farm in the evening. Death is such a difficult thing for a community to shoulder and it leaves so many reeling from the shock. At this time our need for each other is the highest and we recognize how important it is that we have relationships with those around us. Although I have not been personally experiencing grief, people who I care about very much have been. My heart aches for them and I almost do not know what to do. At the farm I know my role is to be there- to be dependable, to help where I am needed, and to fill in some of the cracks where pieces are missing. I once read that the most important thing to do for someone who is grieving is just to be there for them. That is what I can offer. That is what the farm can offer. The farm is a place where memories will live on and a place that will be there when people need somewhere to go. I thank my lucky stars that the farm can provide that for people. It was built out of love and continues to be a place of support.


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