Au Revoir

This post is the last one you will be seeing from me! I am off to the Food Corps in DC for my next adventure. I have had quite an enjoyable experience working for the Center for Public Service and the Painted Turtle Farm. The highlights of my experience have been getting to know the families that come to the farm every Monday night, meeting the visitors who came from Gaza to learn about our programs, and travelling to the Baltimore area to learn about the toxins in the city and exploring a few of the Baltimore urban gardens. These have been my most meaningful experiences because I was able to meet people who value fresh food, health, and human rights. At times I get discouraged because there is so much poverty and need in the United States and internationally. I feel as though the small steps I am taking are not enough. When I meet others who are working passionately to solve issues of hunger and poverty I am rejuvenated. I have come to understand that I am part of a larger picture and process. Although I may only have a small impact, that impact is powerful. I am impressed by the hope and enthusiasm displayed by many people who have faced great challenges and even failures. I am in awe of the many people who have endured poverty, hunger, and war. Resilience is amazing.  I also recognize that I would not be in a position of influence without the many beautiful people who have supported me and loved me throughout my life. I hope to continue this work and pass on the outpouring of love I have received.

Until next time~

Erin Brennan

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