The Painted Turtle Farm is a student-run organic garden now in its eighth year at Gettysburg College. We are transitioning into a campus community hub for food justice and sustainability.

The purpose of the Painted Turtle Farm Community Garden is to:
1) Share food traditions, grow vegetables and create a discourse on sustainable agriculture, ecology, food systems, and nutrition
2) Increase the availability of fresh, culturally-desirable food for low-income and immigrant community members
3) Create a pathway towards larger-scale farming for interested community members by providing them with resources needed to get started, technical training and opportunities to promote direct marketing at local farmers markets
4) Act as a hub of community reflection and unity and contribute to campus greening efforts
To find out more information check out our website at:http://www.gettysburg.edu/ptf/
The Painted Turtle Farm (PTF) was named after a small friend found at the future site of the garden in 2005 after a heavy rainstorm. Student volunteers are involved in all aspects of small scale organic agriculture and manage projects year-round, from planning, planting, growing, and harvesting a variety of fruits and vegetables, to improving soil integrity and biodiversity in the ecosystem, to reaching out and educating the student body and local community about the importance of local and sustainable agriculture. We welcome students from all backgrounds and experience levels to come join us and learn about organic food production.The Painted Turtle Farm also offers two student internships each summer and we’re always looking for more students to get involved! For more information about us, contact us at PTF_coordinators@gettysburg.edu.
In order to support the Painted Turtle Farm projects, PTF offers twelve Community Supported Argiculture shares for nineteen weeks in the summer.
Painted Turtle Farm is located behind (north of) the West Building on the Gettysburg College campus, across from the baseball and soccer field.

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