Radishes, Collards, and Spinach, oh my!

These past two weeks have passed extremely quickly, with the arrival of the CPS Summer Fellows and our first two harvests!



One highlight of the week was our first community potluck of the summer. With a wide variety of dishes from quiche to enchiladas, everyone was stuffed by the end of the night!



On Monday we took a field trip to learn more about the agricultural processes of Adams County, which included a trip to Hollabaugh Brothers Orchard and Rice Fruit Company, which packs and processes many of the apples in the area.


Despite the early morning wake up, harvest mornings are beautiful as we watch the sunrise and harvest a large assortment of veggies. So far, we have harvested over 130 pounds of fresh vegetables for our CSA members!

On Friday we got a chance to visit Sherfy Battlefield Garden and enjoy some history as well as farming. The best part- trying some honey straight from the comb.

IMG_1610 (1)

Check out this great TedTalk for an overview on Food Justice to contextualize our mission at PTF!


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